Kopalnia z Mocą – artykuł
17 czerwca 2018
Kopalnia z Mocą
10 lutego 2020

A Mine with Power – english article

Apparently, this is a mine like others. Located close to Świdnica, it has exploited the local deposits of quartz since 1993. However, for many professionals , those deposits, as its location, are not ordinary. Many denominate them as a „Place of Power”, similar to the „chacram” of the Wawel Castle, described in many publications. Already the stay itseff in Krasków allows to regenerate vital forces, a specific loading of „human batteries”, and keeping in hand a piece of quartz raises the vital energy of the man’s organism, which was confirmed by the testing performed by certified water diviners.

The unique-f eaturesof Krasków were noticed and mentioned already at the times of our ancestors.
This is evidenced by broadcasts spread many years before and the remnants of the stone circle which, on this day, carefully restored, are located at the entrance to the mine. Beside its utility values used both in the past and nowin many business branches , the quartz from Krasków is an extraordinary minerał. In the opinion of experts and explorers of phenomena – it is occult, even magie, of an exceptionally favourable impact. lt is „healthy”, exerting a positive interference on the human comfort and livestock. All types of products made of that raw materiał take over and transfer those properties onto their owners. Quartz used as an aggregate in plasters and elevations protects the building against harmful radiation. Plaster mixtures can be freely coloured and their colouring, consistent with the art of Feng Shui, brings about additional benefits according to the individual needs of inhabitants. Quartz chips are used to arrange garden lane rims or estate borders, for the construction of interna! roads and fences. Quartz tiles find application in the construction of access roads, terraces, parkways, lanes. On the other hand, larger quartz lumps are used when building rock-gardens, fountains and other ground decorations.

Many of those who visit Krasków find interesting quartz specimens that can be used for the improvement of the atmosphere of their own environment. For centuries, constructors have known that chips of the said rock, arranged in house corners (quoins), foster the health and happiness of its inhabitants.
lt is confirmed that they neutralize the harmful effect of water-courses, electromagneitc waves and other negative interference.

„The testing that I performed severa! times jointly with independentcompanies, using the !atest methods, confirmed the uncommonness of that minera! and of the place it originates from”, Kazimierz Olszewski, astrologist, says. „I found that when the person being tested held a piece of quartz in his/her hand, helshe experienced an evident improvement of recorded parameters of the organism. At the beginning of February 2006, I studied the impact of quartz on the organism of a single person using the most recent version of the INTRADAKOR instrument that tests the organism’s functions. Developed in Kiev, the system exhibits all medical certificates, both Polish, European-Union and U S. The results of the measurements were fascinating. We will make quartz specimens available to all the willing people to perforrn independent analyses and if required, we will make possible for them to get access on the mine site.”

In the last few years, Krasków was visited by many eminent guests and explorers, delighted by the uncommonness of that place. Even Andrzej Tumasz, an excellent Polish explorer and discoverer of hidden treasures of the earth, spent many hours here. He recognized, among others, a reservoir of uncommonly pure water, hidden 460 meters below the deposit, and the exact place of appearance of other precious minerals. On the other hand, Jan Chwiszczuk, an astrologist and visionary commonly known in Poland, organized meditation seances on the site of the Krasków deposit severa! times, combined with walking on fire. „I took part in those unusual meetings”, Olszewski says, „Jointly with the mine owners and employees, without any harm to our health, and to an unquestionably advantage, we went over glowing coals.”

The observations of the astrologists indicate that the place of power at Krasków is governed by the planet of Saturn and the sign of Capricorn. Slavic priests used the power of the quartz hill to strengthenvital forces, to conduct ceremonies, for the initiation and intertribal councils. „We, as their ancestors, want to cultivate the fame of this place and share its values with others who seek health and happiness in their lives”, Kazimierz Olszewski ended.

Prepared basing on the Kazmierz Olszewski’s text My acknowldgements to Mr Ryszard Walczak
for his assistance in the preparation of this material.

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